In order to create a new event for all FlexOffice’s fans to showcase their talents, FlexOffice Malaysia is going to hold an interesting event ever which is Photography Contest 2023, as the following details:


  • Open for all Malaysian (Children under the age of 18 must-have parental consent)


  • Nationwide

How to join:

  • Step 1: Look for FlexOffice Items at Stationery Stores nearby your place
  • Step 2: Snap your creativity photo with FlexOffice Item
  • Step 3: Inbox fanpage FlexOffice Malaysia to submit your photos with the following info: photo message, name, phone, and date of birth. (Your information will be kept confidential)

How to vote:

  • Qualifying Round: FlexOffice will select the 30 best submissions among all players for the voting round
  • Semi-Final: The 4 submissions that have the highest number of scores will be selected for the final round. (1 reaction = 1 score, 1 share = 2 scores)
  • Final: FlexOffice will rank the 4 chosen submissions.

Judges’ criteria:

  • Creativity and Originality: The uniqueness and innovative approach in expressing the participant’s independence story (80%)
  • Relevance to the Theme: How well the entry captures the essence of independence and patriotic spirit (10%)
  • Impact and Engagement: The emotional connection and engagement the entry generates among the audience (10%)


  • Qualifying Round: August 15 – September 20
  • Semi-Final: September 20 – September 30
  • Final: October 5


Special Prize– RM500 Cash
– RM50 Shopee Voucher
– Product Hamper
1st Prize– RM400 Cash
– RM50 Shopee Voucher
– Product Hamper
2nd Prize– RM300 Cash
– RM50 Shopee Voucher
– Product Hamper
3rd Prize– RM200 Cash
– RM50 Shopee Voucher
– Product Hamper
Consolation Prize– RM50 Shopee Voucher
– Product Hamper
First 100 Entries– RM10 Shopee Voucher100

Terms & Conditions

  • 1 Facebook account can join 1 photo only. If the participants want to join 10 different photos, they must have 10 different accounts.
  • The participants must not wear sexy clothes while taking photos. Those photos that have sexy scenes will be eliminated without information.
  • There must be a FlexOffice brand/FlexOffice items in the photo. Those photos that do not include FlexOffice brand will not be counted.
  • Those photos using other companies’ products will be eliminated.
  • FlexOffice has the right to use your photos for any marketing purposes and can be posted on FlexOffice’s website and social media platforms.
  • FlexOffice doesn’t have control over any negative or positive feedback that might comment on your photos.
  • FlexOffice will not pay you for your videos in case they are used for marketing activity.
  • FlexOffice is not supporting Cyberbullying which is why FlexOffice has the right to remove or block anyone/ any posts that might cause discrimination against the participants.
  • The submissions must have never been participated in any other contests, not displayed, exhibited, or published in publications, books, magazines, or on any mass media channels.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries available for each participant.


  • By sending the entry, you (and your respective parents and legal guardians) agree that you (and your respective parents and legal guardians) have read and you fully understand the terms and conditions for this competition